The Private Universities Students Association of Ghana was invited to participate in the International Students Day (ISD) 2019 program organized BY the All Africans Students Union(AASU) in collaboration with Association of African Universities (AAU) held at the Association of African Universities auditorium, on the theme, the global compact under scrutiny- implications for academic mobility and intercultural exchange.

The National Association of Nigerian Students-Ghana had its President present at the occasion. H.E Adebayor Samuel Ogunkoya raised some concerns about the staying permit and how some Nigerians have been exploited due to their lack of knowledge around the formalities associated with acquiring the permit and also the price involved. He urged institutions not to discriminate in relations to matters of students leadership, that Nigerians inculcate behaviours from Ghanaians and it will be in the wrong direction if they adopt the mentioned. His concerns were addressed by the official representing the Ghana immigration service. She emphatically stated that the cost associated with the permit is only 150 Ghana cedis and there are offices at the doorsteps of students in some Private Universities and also the University of Ghana, Legon . She added that there was a great need for students to inculcate the habit of researching on particular matters rather than asking people who might have little or no informations what so ever to render. She urged students to also walk the motto of the immigration service ” friendship with  vigilance”. Students present in the audience shared their experiences and advised their colleagues to shun the middlemen processes and do the activities on their own and through the right channel.

The last panel had among them three SRC Presidents under the umbrella of the Private Universities Students Association of Ghana; Kings University College, Ghana Technology University College and the African University for Communication College. H.E Ms. Christabel Queensley Derby called on students unions to embed in their programs safe and  orderly migration compact to mitigate the unfortunate occurrences in the country and the diaspora. H.E Ms. Pamela Aboagyewah Mantey also shared her experience in China and how orderly the citizens lived  and positively affected the lives of foreigners. Amongst revolutionary words of H.E Samuel Kofi Yeboah was the call of unions to make resourceful attempts on knowing the number of students under their umbrella that lived outside the country, show great concern and care for the students and advised them to shun exploiting their positions for selfish gains.

The Secretary General of AASU applauded the presidents and urged them to organize programs on their respective campuses that will continue the good work that has commenced in order for their students to also be in the known

Endorsed by

Obeng Sika Aborampa Junior
Director of International Relations
Issued by
Diabate Youssouf 
Media Relations Officer