The national executive council of the Private University Students Association of Ghana (PUSAG) has today met the Executive Director of Ghana National Petroleum Cooperation (GNPC) foundation for Scholarship opportunities for private university students.

According to the PUSAG President, Mr. Alswel Annan, ‘mostly private university students are not allowed to access the scholarship at the secretariat and it’s unfortunate’.

He pleaded with the CEO, Mr. Dominic Eduah, at the Takoradi office to allow private university students to benefit from the GNPC Foundation’s scholarship scheme.

Reacting to Mr. Annan’s plea, Mr. Eduah said the issue is a delicate one that had come before the board and plans were far advanced to allow private universities students to access the scholarship.

He further stated that, ‘last year few private university students gained access to the scholarship’, ‘however, the board will put in the appropriate measures to allocate more slots to private university students next year’.