Our Vision

The cardinal vision of PUSAG is to offer a common platform for the coordination of students’ activities and effective networking as well as an opportunity for the gathering of students on issues of national and international interest.

Our Mission


To provide social, economic and business projects to the benefit of students in the nation as a whole


To promote effective networking between PUSAG and the community in Ghana and beyond


To protect and safeguard the rights and interest of PUSAG.


To instill in student a high sense of discipline and active participation in all activity relating to national development


To promote friendship and cooperation between PUSAG and the public universities and beyond

About Us

In Ghana, education in various tertiary institutions and other higher institutions of learning creates a unique platform that unites administrative heads of institutions and more importantly the students. Institutions come together to form associations ostensibly promote and protect the interest of the students and also act as their mouth piece in propagating their concerns and device effective means in finding lasting solutions to challenges confronting them.

The Private Students Association of Ghana simply known as PUSAG is an association that embraces all the private tertiary institutions in Ghana and brings them under one umbrella with a common vision. Though each member institution is unique in its own way, the association pull their voices together to fight for a common goal which becomes the vision of PUSAG.

PUSAG was formed in 2002/2003 academic year by six (6) founding institutions, namely Central University (CU), Ashesi University (AU), Methodist University College Ghana (MUCG), Islamic University College of Ghana (IUCG), Wisconsin International University College (WIUC) and Valley View University (VVU). The founding NEC members were, John Kwafo (MUCG), Paul Apenu (WIUCG), Maureen Odoi (CU), Abdulai Red (IUCG), Isaac Adjin Bonney (VVU), Fred Asamanu (MUCG), Charles Myers Wisconsin (WIUCG) and Gifty Quansah (CU).

PUSAG was Archibald Annan’s vision when he became Central University College SRC President in 2002/2003 academic year while the vision was brought to bear and established by John Kwafo of Methodist University College, Ghana (SRC President 2002/2003). The Association was fully registered in 2006 by the Dr. Jeff Bassey’s Administration who was also a product of Central University College and it is governed by a Constitution, Advisory Board, Conference, NEC (National Executives).

With the strength of these schools and the leaders that fought together for the greater good, the association can now proudly boast of a total of forty-two member institutions. PUSAG as an association is headed by leaders from various universities who are voted for to head the association. The leadership is known as the national executive council. Member institutions are also represented with various representatives known as senators. PUSAG is a well-structured association and since its formation has chalked many laudable achievements. It also includes other structures like the judiciary committee and committees for various projects.

PUSAG is a political nonpartisan association devoid of national politics and it is also a not-for-profit organization which does not discriminate in tribe or ethnicity, religion, race, etc. The association offers the platform for the youth to acquire skills in various areas and to empower them to make a difference in their communities as students.




She is a noble woman by all standards who has contributed in diverse ways to support the country and individuals. She was the former Chief Executive Officer of Ghana chamber of mines. She is currently the founder and Executive Director of Salt and Light Ministry and proudly our live patron. She has been tremendous and a great pillar



a very diligent and graceful man who has also contributed immensely to the growth of our association. He is currently the Executive Secretary of Newmont foundation and through his hard work has given his quota not only to build our association but also build the country. He is indeed a splendid live patron

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