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PUSAG embarks on national and international conferences to represent the students’ interest. Some of these conferences gives the association the forum to discuss matters that are of benefits and in line with the PUSAG vision. The following are some of the conferences the association participates in.


  • 3rd Session Of Babcock International Model United Nations Conference Bimum 19- Nigeria 7th -12th July 19
  • Pan African Conference- Gambia- March 23rd 19
  • EduTour-Kenya And Dubai- 17th 19th 29th July 19
  • The European International Model United Nations Conference- Netherlands- 15th To 20th July 19
  • 8th African And Youth Summit- Morocco July 28th -31st 2019
  • Assenti Summit November 2019.


  • DEBATES: there are periodic debate competitions among institutions of national and international topic which highlights on the very pressing issues and how they directly and indirectly affect students and remedies are devised to help solve them.


  • PUSAG GAME: this is a sporting competition organized yearly among institutions. It includes all sports disciplines and other entertaining activities that unites the entire PUSAG community.


  • FACE OF INNOVATION: as most association have pageantries PUSAG has added a little spice to its beauty contest. With PUSAG it’s not a beauty pageant but rather a competition for both men and women who have smart innovative ideas in addition to education. This is to help groom the entrepreneurial skills in students and prepare them wholly for the future.

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